Social and Economic Situation in Krasnodar City

Temryuk district is located on the Taman peninsula in the southwestern part of Krasnodar region and occupies the western edge of Kuban plain. It is washed by the Black and Azov Seas, waters of the Kerch Strait. It shares the land borders with Slavyansk, Krymsk and Anapa districts. It has the border with the Republic of Crimea.

The total area of Temryuk district is 1956 sq.m. or 2.6% of the area of Krasnodar region. The sea coast extends to a distance of 250km, of which 220km are occupied by sand beaches. Most part of the district area is occupied by reeds, firths and eriks (narrow channels). Rounding the city of Temryuk, the river Kuban originating on the slopes of Elbrus, discharges into the Azov Sea, thus forming a picturesque delta.

Temryuk district is formed on January 12, 1965 by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR (Soviet Federative Socialist Republic).    

Temryuk is an administrative and economic center of the district. The history of the settlement dates back to the ancient times. The status of the city was assigned in 1860. The population of the district is 121.8 thousand people, of which urban population – 38.8 thousand people.

Pursuant to the law "On establishing borders of the municipal formation Temryuk district, assigning the status of the municipal formation to it, forming municipal formations within its structure – urban settlement, rural settlements – and establishing their borders" No.685-KZ, adopted by the Legislative Assembly of the region as of April 1, 2004, the municipal formation Temryuk district was accorded a status of the municipal district with the administrative center in the city of Temryuk. 1 urban settlement and 11 rural settlements were formed within the municipal formation Temryuk district and their borders were established:

  1. Temryuk urban settlement.
  2. Akhtanizovskaya rural settlement.
  3. Vyshesteblievskaya rural settlement.
  4. Golubitzkaya rural settlement.
  5. Zaporozhskoye rural settlement.
  6. Krasnostrelskoye rural settlement.
  7. Kurchanskaya rural settlement.
  8. Novotamanskaya rural settlement.
  9. Sennoy rural settlement.
  10. Starotitarovskaya rural settlement.
  11. Taman rural settlement.
  12. Fontalovskaya rural settlement.