Structure of the local government of the municipal formation

Head of the Municipal Formation Temryuk District – Babenkov Fedor Victorovich

Deputy Head of the Municipal Formation Temryuk District, a Valid Common Councillor of the 3d Category – Ogol Natalya Andreyevna
Regarding finance, economy, administrative reform, investment development, small business and municipal contracts.

Phone: (86148) 5-24-40

Head of Department of Economics – Pozharskaya Yekaterina Aleksandrovna

Phone: (86148) 5-19-05


Head of small business section of the Economics Department - Markova Oksana Andreevna

Telephone: (86148) 5-11-43


Deputy head of the municipal formation Temryuk district, Valid Counselor of III class - Pronko Evgeny Petrovich

Matters of architecture, urban planning, housing & utility infrastructure, fuel & energy complex, construction, investment development, transport, communications, road maintenance and environmental protection

Telephone: (86148) 5-11-03

Head of Investment development, industry, transport, communications and road maintenance Department - Suslov Sergey Yurievich

Telephone: (86148) 4-17-66