Temryuk district offers to implement a promising project on setting up a fish factory

June 7, 2021 / Investment

The municipal formation Temryuk district offers to invest into a project on setting up a fish factory.

The implementation of the investment project provides for setting up a fisheries industry complex in the city of Temryuk of Krasnodar region. The complex will be focused on breeding sturgeon and other valuable fish species. It is planned to breed fish based upon the industrial technologies in the in-plant recycling system.  In addition, the complex will process and produce food products, including black caviar and fish feed.

The estimated capacity of the complex will make: 480 tons of sturgeon fish species and food products in stock, 40 tons of caviar, up to 5 tons of fish seed for sturgeon fish species. The capability of expanding the species composition of the bred fish, increase in the breeding volumes and organization of advanced fish processing. The production performance of mixed feed is 30,000 tons of feedstuff per year. It is planned to merchandize the products to the community and guests of the city.

A business plan was developed for the investment project. The project needs 2,000 million rubles in the form of direct investments.

The project implementation period is 2 years, and the return on investment period is 6 years. The construction of the facility will allow to create 200 new jobs.

A land plot of 54,445 sq. m. was formed to implement the project. The site is located in Temryuk district: in the settlement of Svetliy Put and in the Cossack village of Kurchanskaya. There is a local road, Kurchanskaya Cossack village (0km), there. The distance to the federal highway "Temryuk city – Krasnodar city – Kropotkin city" is 0.5 km.

The distance from the municipal center of Temryuk city is 5 km. The distance from the regional center of Krasnodar city is 135 km.

The distance to the nearest railway station of Temryuk is 10 km, to the Anapa Airport is 80 km, and to the seaport of Gelendzhik is 10 km.

For more information, please contact:

Department of Investment Development and the Small Business Administration of Municipal Formation Temryuk District

Address:  Lenin Street, office. 46, 65, Temryuk city, Temryuk District, Krasnodar region, Russia, 353500

Tel.: + 7 86148 5 11 43

E-mail: temruk@mo.krasnodar.ru