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The construction of a residential complex at the address: Dalnyaya Street, 30, Temryuk

Address: Dalnyaya, 30, TemryukInvestor: Kaskad TSK Specialized developer LLCInvestment volume: 2,650.4 million rublesImplementation period: 2025Number of new jobs: 74

What is planned to be done in the process of the project implementation: during the project implementation, it is planned to build 8-storeyed residential buildings in Temryuk, which will create favorable living conditions for residents of the Temryuk District. The number of apartments: 1,540 (including 341 studios; 747 one-room apartments; 452 2-room apartments; 4,186 sq. m of childrenТs playgrounds; 630 sq. m of recreation areas).

What has been done to date in the process of the project implementation: currently, general construction works are being carried out.