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The social and economic situation of the Municipal Formation

The Temryuk District occupies an advantageous geographical position. It is located in the southwestern part of the Krasnodar Region on the Taman Peninsula, directly sharing its borders with the Republic of Crimea and having a coastal line of the Azov and Black Seas, which allows developing Kavkaz, Taman, and Temryuk Seaports. In accordance with the Strategy of the Krasnodar Region, it is included in the Black Sea Economic Zone.

The regional center is the city of Temryuk. The distance from Krasnodar is 153 km, from Temryuk Seaport – 6 km, from Kavkaz Seaport – 62 km, and from Taman Seaport – 81 km. The distance to the nearest airport in Anapa is 40 km. The structure of the Municipal Formation includes 1 urban (Temryukskoye) and 11 (Akhtanizovskoye, Vyshestebliyevskoye, Golubitskoye, Zaporozhskoye, Krasnostrelskoye, Kurchanskoye, Novotamanskoye, Sennoye, Starotitarovskoye, Tamanskoye, and Fontalovskoye) rural settlements.

The resident population is 127,461 people, of which the urban population is 41,281 people.

Today, the Temryuk District is one of the most investment-attractive districts not only in the Krasnodar Region but also in the Southern Federal District. In a comprehensive assessment of urban districts and municipal districts of the Krasnodar Region, according to the main per capita indicators of the social and economic state and prospective development until 2023, the Temryuk District belongs to the group of Municipal Formations with a high level of development, and, according to estimation in 2020, it takes the 3rd place in the region.

The Temryuk District belongs to a group of territories with a diversified economy. At the same time, the most developed and promising sectors of the district's economic activity are the agricultural sector, the transport, and the health resort complex. There is a significant potential for the development of existing industries and the creation of new ones.

The specific characteristics of the climatic zone make it possible to successfully develop the agricultural complex. The soil conditions provide to grow many crops: grapes, cereals, as well as melons and gourds. Viticulture and winemaking are the main directions of the development of agricultural production. A powerful wine-making base was created in the district, which includes 15 wine-making organizations, of which 3 are engaged in garage (author's) wine-making. For the Temryuk District, grapes are of particular importance as the main cultivated crop in the district; the total area of vinicultural plantations is 71% of the total area of the Krasnodar Region. In addition, 288 small-scale enterprises including 214 individual entrepreneurs and 74 peasant farm enterprises carry out agricultural activities in the territory of the district.

The transport complex of the Temryuk District is represented by auxiliary and additional transport activities, water and road transportation, and organizations providing dispatch services for passenger transportation. The development of ports, adjacent territories, and the transportation network are priority directions. The small-area peninsula has three seaports: Kavkaz, Taman, and Temryuk Seaports. Taman Seaports became the most important for the country and become the focus of interests not only of the government and entrepreneurs of various regions of the country but also of foreign trade partners.

Tourism is one of the most important areas of activity of the modern economy aimed at meeting the needs of people in organizing quality recreation. The Temryuk District has unique natural conditions for organizing health-improving recreation and treatment facilities. The length of the sea coast is 250 km, of which sandy beaches are 220 km. The historical and architectural values of the Temryuk District are one of the most important factors contributing to the development of tourism and, as a result, increasing investment attractiveness of the district.

Further development of the Temryuk District provides for the implementation of the following large investment projects:

  • Creation and development of the port-industrial park of OTEKO in Taman Seaport;
  • Construction of a sea terminal for the transshipment of oil products in Temryuk Seaport;
  • Construction of a hotel complex in the village of Veselovka;
  • Construction of the Delfin Sanatorium and Health Complex in the village of Veselovka;
  • Construction of a residential complex in Temryuk.