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The construction of Romanov Villa, a resort and recreational complex in the Cossack village of Golubitskaya

Investor: IE Romanov Sergey AndreyevichInvestment volume: 500 million rublesImplementation period: 2022Number of new jobs: 70

What is planned to be done in the process of the project implementation: during the project implementation, it is planned to create guest buildings (No. 1 for 10 visitors, No. 2 for 80 visitors, No. 3 for 15 visitors), a restaurant for 80 seats, a SPA complex with a beauty salon for 20 visitors, a shop-cafe for 40 seats, and a stable for 15 livestock.

What has been done to date in the process of the project implementation: the restaurant and guest buildings have been built. Currently, the SPA complex and guest buildings are being constructed; the preparatory work for the construction of a winery is being carried out.