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Construction of the Taman transshipment complex for liquefied hydrocarbon gases and petroleum products in the Temryuk District

Investor: OTEKO Group of Companies Project implementation year: 2012

Tamanneftegaz CJSC, which is a part of the OTEKO Group of Companies, started constructing the Taman transshipment complex for oil, petroleum products, and liquefied hydrocarbon gases in 2004. In 2012, the company commissioned terminals for transshipment of oil and liquefied hydrocarbon gases (this terminal, one of the largest in Russia and the CIS, switched over to itself a large share of exports of liquefied hydrocarbon gases from Russia and Kazakhstan) and for transshipment of dark oil products. The total investment in the project amounted to about 30 billion rubles. 1,300 new jobs were created as part of the project.

Today the technological complex located in Taman Seaport is one of the most promising projects in Russia for the transshipment of cargo to sea vessels. Long-term contracts for significant volumes have already been signed with leading players in the international commodity markets.

The transshipment complex is located in the deep-water and non-freezing part of the Russian Black Sea coast, at the entrance to the Azov Sea. Due to its favorable location and the ability to receive sea vessels with a deadweight of up to 160 thousand tons, the Taman transshipment complex significantly increased the efficiency of transshipment of oil, petroleum products, and liquefied hydrocarbon gases in the South of Russia.

In 2013, additional petroleum residue transshipment capacities were put into operation, which are also a part of the terminal complex for transshipment of oil and petroleum products.

In 2014, OTEKO launched a program for the reconstruction and modernization of the terminals of Tamanneftegaz CJSC aimed at expanding the oil tank farm and re-equipping berths and facilities for receiving oil products from railway transport. The implementation of this short-term program made it possible to increase the terminalТs design cargo turnover up to 20 million tons and expand the list of refined products, the transshipment of which to sea vessels became possible using the transshipment capacities of Tamanneftegaz CJSC.